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Bex treating a horses back

I use a combination of different therapies to help in dealing with many of today's health issues working with horses, riders and atheletes to achieve balance throughout:

  • Early recognition & treatment of problems before they escalate
  • Muscular and skeletal problems
  • Stimulating circulation and the nervous system
  • Reducing susceptibility to injury
  • Maximizing mental and physical potential
  • Pre and Post race/competition treatments
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Stress, trauma, general lethargy and depression

For Horses:

  • Pre sales treatment, post sales check
  • Primary and secondary back problems
  • Behavioral problems
  • Rehabilitation, tendon injuries, post-surgery,
  • Supporting Vets, farrier's and saddler's

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I work as part of a team for trainers and owners with Vets, Farrier's and other therapists.

By law, all new clients should contact their vets before I commence treatment. I have working relationships with a number of vets including

I am fully insured and adhere to the Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Trees near Marlborough
Trees near Marlborough
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