Becky Dean


Roger Charlton

Becky has been a valuable part of our team for 8 years now, tailoring her treatments to our needs from dealing with day to day niggles/ injuries to pre race and the well deserved post race check to keep our horses running through out the season supple/ balanced and stress free.
Its amazing how she can pinpoint and unlock a sore horse. So in a few days they are back in work and up the gallops. Becky is one of the best kept secrets in racing!

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Brian Meehan

Becky has treated horses for me for several years both with Shiatsu therapy and Scenar treatment. She travelled with Red Rocks to America and treated him with great effect prior to and after his Breeders Cup win. I can recommend Becky for treating horses with pre and post race treatments, muscular issues and minor injuries.

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Robert Waley-Cohen

Becky has been visiting my horses for the past five years and continues to do so. We think the work she does helps maximise their physical and mental potential on and off the racecourse.
Supporting their careers in the racing world with spectacular wins for the Waley-Cohen Team including Katarino winning his 2nd Year FoxHunters 2006 and follow up 2nd place 2007, Liberthine 5th place Grand National 2006, Irilut winning numerous point to points and of course the superb wins with Long Run including The King George VI 2011.

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Henry Ponsonby
Racing Manager

Becky Dean has made a big difference to some of our horses in relieving them of aches and pains. Seventh Cavalry, Kings Troop, Scots Dragoon and General Miller have all been prolific winners and Becky's treatments have almost certainly contributed to their successes.

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Countess Susie Goess-saurau

Becky has treated my horses for over 10 years, during this time she has worked with our Point to Pointers, event horses and hunters. Becky has also treated my daughters's FEI pony Killacoran Blue.
Becky is passionate about what she does, and she has an amazing ability to be able to locate the source of a niggling injury. With Becky's care my hunters are now in their 8th and 9th Season with me, and Killacoran Blue was shortlisted for the Pony Europeans 2010.

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Tom Grantham
Assistant Trainer

Becky Dean has been treating our horses for the last three years. Whenever we have a horse with muscular or back problems we get her in to treat it using Shiatsu or Scenar Therapy.
One particular horse she has been treating with great success is Blue Monday. Becky has been working on him all season especially before and after his wins in The Zetland Gold Cup and his group 1 win at The Cambridgeshire.

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Jo Winter
Pre-training and Rehab

Rebecca Dean has been treating my horses for several years. Every horse she has treated for me has shown a marked improvement almost immediately. I always call her when I am not happy with any of my horses during their pretraining or rehab from injury.

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Sarah Turner
Private Owner

I bought my horse May in June 2002, she had not had a good start in life and has always seemed to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders, not trusting anyone or anything. After working closely with her over the last 4 years she has made great steps to becoming a more secure mare, but the change in her after a visit from Becky Dean was nothing short of a miracle.

Having been recommended her services by friends I was apprehensive to how May would react. She does not like being stabled and panics at the approach of someone new to her. When Becky arrived at our yard I explained May's situation and she really listened which is sometimes hard to find in people. She approached May with kindness and patience and although it took about 2 hours for the treatment you could see May relaxing more and more and becoming more confident. But it was not this that surprised me but the immediate change after her treatment.

My horse who would usually bolt at anything strange just stood and watched as the young calves were released in a field next to her - something she would have had serious problems with before….. Bit by bit from then on she became a different horse, her eyes had softened and the look of anxiousness and fear had faded. To ride she became more responsive and happier than I have ever known her and still is.

I would recommend to anyone this treatment for their horse as the results I have seen in my own mare are only the tip of the ice berg I am sure with further treatments my mare will become everything she could have ever been if only she had been treated right in her early life.

Judy Foxwell

For months I had been suffering a great deal of pain in the joint of my right big toe which was completely inhibiting my ability to walk comfortably and giving me a lot of discomfort at night making it difficult to sleep. My hobby is walking so I felt very depressed about it especially as my doctor suspected that the problem was arthritis.

Rebecca treats the racehorses where I work with her Scenar machine and in June I asked her if she would try it out on me, which she did. Two days later I was pain free and have been ever since!

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